CardSwitcher is a cool replacement multitasking UI for iOS that allows you to smoothly switch between running applications.

Smoothly switch between multiple running applications with a visual multitasking UI.
CardSwitcher 2.0 is a complete rewrite optimized for iOS 5 and designed to be as smooth and speedy as possible.
It includes support for every iOS version from iOS 4 through iOS 5.

Rather then static screenshots CardSwitcher will show a live view of any running applications, such as the currently open application or apps backgrounded with 'Backgrounder'.

You can customise the activate method with Activator.
No icon is added to springboard, all options can be found in the lsettings app itself.

CardSwitcher video review

Emblem brings OS X-inspired notifications to the iPad. With gorgeous animations and native design, Emblem provides a whole new notification experience.

Dismiss notifications by holding and dragging them off screen.
If four or more notifications from the same application appear on screen, they will intuitively stack into one banner, allowing you to swipe through to view each notification individually.

Emblem also offers a tutorial to help walk you through how each feature of the new system works.
Assign the tutorial to an Activator method to launch.

Emblem video review

A new way to edit text on the iPad (and iPhone/iPod) using gestures on the keyboard to move the cursor and select text.

  • Swiping your finger on the keyboard moves the cusor.
  • Swiping 2 fingers on the keyboard moves the cusor faster.
  • Swiping while tapping the shift key, or swiping from the shift key, will extend the selection range in that direction.

Based on the concept video by @danielchooper.
Coding and implementation done by myself.

SwipeSelection video review

Enhanced multi-selection in Mail.

Check allows you to select multiple emails in a row with ease.
Press Edit, tap and hold down any cell until it flashes, and then tap another cell to select all the emails between those two points.

Works for deselection too.

Check video review

MountainCenter is a brilliant addition to iOS, which adds the NotificationCenter experience from OS X Mountain Lion to your iOS device. With MountainCenter, the NotificationCenter is revealed with a customizable swipe from either side of the screen. As you swipe the contents of the screen will smoothly follow your fingers, revealing NotificationCenter behind.

It features various settings, including:

  • Number of fingers required for swiping gesture
  • Which side of the screen it should appear from
  • Whether or not to stretch the banners out to full screen
  • The sensitivity of the drag gestures
  • Whether you want it disabled when the keyboard is visible

Fully compatible with Intelliscreen X and works on every device.

MountainCenter video review